Edible Flower Mix


Available yearly May 15-October 15

This is a wonderful mix of the edible flowers and petals that are in season the week of your event. They will be packed in a plastic zip lock bag or a plastic clamshell box with a damp paper towel, and one order will be enough to decorate up to 20 cupcake tops. The types of flowers and petals will depend on what is blooming AND edible the week of your event, as all flowers are NOT edible.

There are no color palette choices for the edible flower mix-it will be a perfect adorable mix of our organic flowers and petals and they will be ready to top your cakes, cupcakes, cheese plates, cocktails etc.

Our best suggestion of use is to pull apart most of the flowers and use the petals to get the most mileage out of them!

Examples of edible flowers are: nasturtiums, tulips, violas, pansy, sunflowers, stock, snapdragons, celosia, herbs, marigolds, calendula, dahlia, mums AND MORE…..what is in your order will be heavily season dependent.