Dahlia Tubers


*At this time, we do not ship. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY.

*Choose from two pick up options in the drop down menus: “Early Bird Pick Up” Sat Dec 4 2021 from Farm and Flora Collective in Middletown RI or “Spring Pick up” Sat April 9, 2022 from Little State Flower Co Farmstand in Tiverton.

PLEASE NOTE: IF you choose “Early Bird Pick Up” For Sat Dec 4, 2021…this means that we are NOT storing your tubers for you through the Winter. Therefore, you will NOT see “eyes” as we have just taken them out of the ground and traditional dahlia”eyes” appear in late Winter/Early Spring as they get ready to be planted in the late Spring. Additionally, you are responsible for correctly storing them through the Winter. Though we are very confident in our dahlia tubers, we can not guarantee the tubers sold in the “Early Bird Pick Up” option as we will not be responsible for storing them ourselves-i.e. checking on them weekly, maintaining humidity and temperature etc. Everyone has their own system for storing dahlia tubers, and we have ours with 100% success rate. If you are not confident with storing your dahlia tubers through the Winter, DO NOT choose the “Early Bird Pick Up” option.