Dahlia Tubers-CLOSED FOR WEBSITE SALES-we will sell any remaining tubers in our farmstand after we are done planting our main field in late April

The dahlia tuber sale is LOCAL PICK UP ONLY April 14-16, 2023
from Little State Flower Company Farmstand
located at 487 East Rd Tiverton RI

PLEASE READ FOR SHIPPING: Shipping is ONLY available for orders for $150 or more and we will ship in early April as weather allows-NO EARLY SHIPPING….please choose the shipping and handling option-we ONLY will ship on orders for $150 or more

PLEASE NOTE-Because dahlia tubers are live plant matter/tuberous roots being stored all Winter, there is always a chance of rot/mold/mice damage and we monitor them all Winter to minimize loss. If that should happen with a variety, we reserve the right to replace your order with something that survived beautifully. We of course, will always do our very best to avoid this. If this is not acceptable, please feel free to choose another farm to source your dahlia tubers.